As a SaaS Reseller, Exigo would like to see more co-branded marketing collateral, sales tool kits, organized training, and deal registration portals from vendors.

Okay, so you’re at a party with fellow techies and someone overhears you talking about your company. Hearing all the different services your company provides, they wonder, “Are you a VAR? A solution provider? An agent? A cloud services broker? A systems integrator?”

If you answered “all of the above”, there’s a good chance you work for The Exigo Group, a SaaSMAX Reseller who sells business cloud software, whose employees strive to keep their feet on the ground and their heads in the cloud.

Dubbed a “born in the cloud hybrid-VAR” by CompTIA, Exigo Group helps companies automate manual business operations by integrating CRM, email, accounting, marketing automation, customer support, project management and other applications into their existing systems. And they do it all in the cloud by partnering with leading cloud vendors such as Zoho, Ringio, Broadlook, Gorilla, Google and more.

Using a consultative and collaborative process, Exigo Group researches, tests and selects vendors that work well with other platforms to provide seamless integration across their clients entire technology infrastructure. Their clients range from startups to enterprise-level organizations. But Exigo Group’s “sweet spot” tends to be non-tech savvy companies that need help integrating and fine-tuning their IT systems.

For example, Exigo Group recently engaged with the San Diego office of a national chain of auto body repair shops. What started out as a simple data cleanse and migration project soon morphed into a full-blown CRM customization and ongoing consultant retainer to deploy workflow automation, custom integration and external portals for contracted sales reps. Exigo Group won the ongoing engagement in large part through the talent and expertise of its employees, but also due to the quality of the applications they resell.

What features must a SaaS app have before Exigo Group will recommend it to a client?

First, the SaaS software must have a good cost/efficiency factor. In other words, it must get the job done at an affordable price. Next, the application should be easy to use, both from a reseller and end-user standpoint. Finally, the application should integrate well with an organization’s existing systems. In particular, it should enable a seamless migration of legacy or on-premises data to today’s cloud-based systems.

A SaaSMAX Reseller since June 2014, Exigo Group won’t use just any old SaaS application in their own business.  Currently they use trusted names like Zoho, Ringio, Google Business Apps, Broadlook Technologies, VCita, Hubspot, and Bedrock Data for a variety of tasks, including CRM, telephony, email, analytics, and data mining.

According to CEO Stephanie Martin, Zoho stands out as a company favorite SaaS vendor. With 30+ applications ranging from CRM and ATS to accounting and human resources, Zoho apps enable Exigo Group to offer “one system of truth”, where everything is integrated and clients don’t have to deal with separate buckets of data.

As a reseller, Martin would like to see more co-branded marketing collateral, sales tool kits, organized training, and deal registration portals from vendors. But mostly her company wants a reliable SaaS application that helps Exigo Group clients take advantage of today’s powerful cloud technologies.

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